5 best tips for Wedding Day Makeup in Warrenton, VA

5 best tips for wedding day makeup.

Every bride wants to look perfect on their wedding day and makeup plays an important role in this. Which is why our dear friend Anna Poff, Mary Kay Consultant (located in Warrenton, VA) has prepared the 5 best tips for wedding day makeup just for you.  With these tips, you will have a flawless and beautiful facial complexion for your big day.

1. Flawless skin ~ you will want to find a skincare routine that will support your facial skin for looking its best on your big day!  You will want to start with your routine at least 6 months before the wedding!  Creating a flawless canvas for the color on top goes a long way for looking and feeling your best on your special day.

2. Perfect foundation type and color ~ you will want to discover the best foundation for the finish you prefer on your big day (matte usually photographs best).  There are many types of foundation, so your consultant can help you find what works best for you as well as do a perfect skintone match so you won’t have to worry about looking overdone or have a difference in color between your neck and your face.

3. Captivating color to compliment your skintone, eyes and hair ~ you will want to find the colors that make your natural beauty shine!  You will wear more color than you normally would for an everyday look; however, your wedding day is not the day to look like you would for every day!  Using color to compliment your eyes and skintone is a must for those wedding day photos!

4. Concealing imperfections and highlighting/contouring – you will want to use techniques and products to cover up any imperfections that occur in your skin simply from heredity or that surprise breakout that inconveniently happens.  You will also want to highlight and contour your cheeks, forehead and chin to enhance your face and accentuate its best features.

5. Finishing spray/mascara/lip liner ~ finishing spray is a MUST!  Your wedding day is definitely a marathon, not a sprint so you will want your makeup to last for the reception and the fun pictures that are sure to be snapped!  You will want to have the best mascara type for your eyelashes and lip liner is necessary to keep your lipstick on which keeps you from looking washed out and tired.

If you need help for your wedding, contact Anna! She will be happy to help you to put forth the best version of you 🙂

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