Hi, I’m Virginia!

I am a Venezuelan woman. Venezuela is a Latin country located in South America along the Caribbean Sea with beautiful beaches and great people. You may be asking yourself, What is she doing here? The answer is simple. It’s because of my husband. We met while he abroad and fell in love. And soon after I came to Virginia to be with him in the place where he was born and raised.

I am a very organized, pragmatic and romantic person. I like to set goals and pursue them. I strongly believe that planning and preparation are the keys to success in everything. I also believe that if you share your experience and knowledge, you can make this world better.

During my free time, I love spending time with my husband; watching a great movie, visiting wineries, and travelling around the world. We love to visit new places and enjoy their culture, especially if there is a beach nearby. I also enjoy exercising and outdoor activities, like going on walks with my four legged baby, Teddy.

My Background

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations, which has allowed me to gain experience in Human Resources and provided me with the opportunity to interact with different types of people and organize different genres of events. During my experience in Human Resources, I wanted more so my employer presented me with the opportunity to become a Project Manager. It was there that I developed my penchant toward the fascinating world of planning. (Want to know a little secret? I’m kind of addicted to it!) With my background in project planning and event coordination, including every step of my own wedding, I decided to augment my knowledge with an International Event & Wedding Planning Professional (IEWP™) credential and share it with others to help them have beautiful events.

During 2014 I volunteered to help the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation, where I had the opportunity to help plan and execute GumDrop Square and co-chair the 25th Annual Evening Under the Stars fundraiser gala.

In addition, I became a member of the Virginia Wedding and Event Network Association which allows me to rely on a group of wedding vendors and professionals.

What I do

I am a bilingual event and wedding planner who helps couples from different cultural backgrounds fuse elements of their customs, heritage and religion to come up with their own unique ceremony and reception. There are many ways that couples from different backgrounds can choose to celebrate their union, I will help you weigh your options and incorporate elements from both cultures.

I also serve the Latin community, catering to couples and families who primarily speak Spanish. Are you having a half-Latin, half-American celebration? I can help give that Latin style to your stylish event. (Now you see why I chose to call my company Stylish Planning by VFS; anything worth doing is worth doing in style!)

I’m dedicated to helping organize and execute flawless events. My goal is to ensure that you enjoy a fun and stress free event as much as possible. I will make sure that everything happens according to the timeline and will be your right hand during the whole process.

A stylish event begins long before the guests arrive. It begins with masterful planning.VIRGINIA-03