How-to: Tips for DIY wedding decoration from a Northern Virginia wedding coordinator

HOW-to- diy wedding decor

If you’re on a budget, you might think that you’ll have to make a few compromises, when it comes to your wedding. The truth is, however, that your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some tips from a Northern Virginia wedding coordinator on how to make your wedding decoration yourself:

  1. Barrel tables for a rustic feel

Give your backyard wedding a vineyard vibe with this marvelous DIY tip: old wine barrels make fantastic tables. They’re just the right height and can easily be transformed into one-of-a-kind vintage cocktail tables!

  1. Gets inspired by nature

Keep it simple, cheap and still looking good with some help from Mother Nature. Using tree stumps as bases for your reception centerpieces is easy and will give your wedding an instant rustic atmosphere. For the name cards, use simple cork lids – make a small incision on the top for the card, and dip the base in a color that suits your wedding scheme.

  1. Remember the rule of the 3’s, when decorating

As a wedding planner, I’ve seen a lot of weddings and one thing always stands out: things just look best, when grouped in threes. Complement your vase of flowers with a candle and a picture frame. You can also save some money on the flower arrangements by simply reducing the amount you purchase. Use chalkboard and get creative with coat hangers – they can make fantastic heart-shaped decorations.

  1. DIY your flowers

If you decide to make your flower arrangements yourself, you can save quite a lot of money. Remember to do a test run before the wedding and don’t be too concerned if the results aren’t perfect. As a rule of thumb, try to make the flower arrangements on the day before, so you won’t be overwhelmed on your wedding day. Get some helpers, too – set up a sample or two and let them copy that.

Below you can find a few pictures with some ideas. I did this decoration but very few and affordable materials. Contact me if you want to learn more. Photo credit: Daniele Zanacoli

How to-Tips for DIY wedding decoration from a Northern Virginia wedding coordinator






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