Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

should I hire a wedding planner

I know there are so many posts explaining about why you should hire a wedding planner but I think that it´s really simple: because planning weddings is our job!  

Planning weddings is our primary daily activity, for you it is probably your first time and you may not realize all the things that you need to consider and how time consuming this can be. You are probably thinking that you can do it, and yes you can, but what you pay for is the convenience of having an experienced professional worry about the details.

  • We manage your budget and help you set a realistic one.
  • We have the relationship with vendors, we know which ones are in your price range and which are reliable or not, so you don’t waste endless emails and hours on the computer trying to figure out which one to hire.
  • We know where the best venues are according your size, budget and vision.

A wedding planner can help with all of the prior plus having someone on site the day of the wedding to execute the plan is a necessity. At the very least, hire someone to come on the month of the wedding to help with the last minute details and to be there the day of to run any last minute errand and take care of all logistical details of the wedding on the day of the wedding. How my dear friend Cindie Reinhold from Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia  says “Planners keep you from doing stupid stuff”.

Think about this, when you want to buy a house, what you do? You look for a realtor, a subject matter professional. You explain to them what you want, what your budget is and this person looks for the right match for you.  Well, we ´wedding planners´ do the same, we sit with you to analyze your budget, study your priorities, help you to find the perfect match for your vendors and take the right decisions. A wedding can cost the same as a downpayment for a house so why you won’t hire a professional to plan it!

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Good luck with your planning!

Virginia Fernández-Swope

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