5 Common Problems Every Bride Deals With… (Part 2)

5 common bride problems (2)

You aren´t alone!! Believe me!!!!

This is a list of 5 common problems every bride deals with, all of which are perfectly normal.

1. You are starting to feel that your future mother in-law is not actually human.

Who is this woman anyways? You barely even know her, and she’s pushing you to lose weight, cut your hair, or learn to cook for her precious little son. She’s shoving the idea of pink bridesmaid dresses down your throat, and she thinks your shoes are ugly. She makes no small point of saying all these things to you, to your face of course. Unless you are one of the very lucky minority, you probably won’t be best friends with your fiancé’s mother. You’ll be living with your husband, not his mother. Take her with a grain of salt and try your best to remember you are one of millions of brides who’s felt this way about an in-law!

2. If I catch him chewing with his mouth open one more time, the wedding is off!

You’ve hit the point where every little quirk your fiancé displays drives you insane. Does he have to chew so loudly? Please let him stop blowing ripples in his coffee mug! If he uses that stupid expression one more time your head will simply explode.
You should know it’s completely normal for little details to become overwhelmingly annoying all of a sudden. Wedding stress does a great job of highlighting every little imperfection your future hubby has. The hairy knuckles, the obsession with pro wrestling, and his love affair with that darn game show are all part of the deal. They never bothered you before, so why do they send you screaming into your pillow and ripping at your hair now? They bother you now because you’re worried and stressed about the wedding, that’s why. This marriage is a major life change, so it’s quite normal to react like this.

3. I need a permit to do what?

Permits and paperwork are all part of the wedding process. To start, you need a marriage license, and then a marriage certificate. But what on earth did that hotel manager say? You need a permit to take photos on their front lawn? Did he really say that? Fact is, permits will pop up all over the place. Many venues require that you get a photo permit, or a liquor license, or a special event permit, just to name a few. The good news is that your wedding planner will keep track of all these details for you.

4. Do I really have to open gifts in front of everyone? It makes me so uncomfortable.

If you’re thinking about the wedding shower, the only polite thing to do is to grin and bear it. Your guests have been nice enough to purchase you gifts. The least you can do is smile and act appreciatively. A couple of hours ripping paper and expressing your delight with your gifts really isn’t that bad. The people at your shower went to a lot of trouble to make you feel special. If you really hate opening gifts in front of people, designate a close friend or your maid of honor to pass the gifts around and keep the ball rolling. You can open your presents in a slightly less intense “spotlight” if everyone is busy “oohing and ahhing” over the nifty things you’ve received. As for wedding gifts (rather than shower gifts), there’s no etiquette saying you have to open them in front of everyone. We do, however, urge you to wait for your husband before you start tearing off the paper! Also, be careful to keep track of who gave what so you can send out thank you cards.

5. Why can’t everyone just get along and sit together so I can stop crying over this seating plan?

Throw enough people into any room and you’re going to end up with some squabbles over who doesn’t want to sit next to whom. To start, you need to figure out who’s sitting at which table.
From there, why not let people choose their own seats? This way, even if angry Cousin Joe and bitter Cousin Sue must sit at the same table, at least they can choose seats farther away from each other. You aren’t expected to solve everyone’s social problems because you’re getting married. You do, however, need to be sensitive to people’s feelings. Start by placing the people you know cannot sit together no matter what, and try to fill in the gaps around them.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your wedding planning!

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