Tips on tipping wedding vendors

tipping wedding vendors

Your wedding vendor, florist, photographer or coordinator, has done a marvelous job and helped you get the wedding of your dreams so you wonder what is the best way to thank them for their efforts? Tipping wedding vendors is a wide-accepted way of saying “thank you” to that excellent vendor, who goes above and beyond the contracted duties. Here are some tips on tipping your wedding vendors:

  1. Check your contracts

Before deciding to tip, make sure you take a good look at your contracts. Major items, like catering, would usually include around 15-20% tip in their price quotes. Reading carefully can help you avoid unnecessary double-tipping.

  1. Tipping the photographer

It’s not mandatory to tip the photographer, especially if they own the studio. If they’re just employees, you might want to give them an extra $50 to $200 – depending on your budget and, of course, how many you were with the service.

  1. Wedding planner/coordinator

As with photographers, it’s not usually mandatory to tip your wedding planner. However, many coordinators will give you a huge discount or simply go far above and beyond to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams, so why not say “thank you” by offering a tip between 10-20%?

  1. Church officiant

In most cases, the church officiant won’t accept a tip, but would be more than happy to accept a donation to their church. Consider tipping the officiant, especially if they’re not charging for the services.

  1. Hair and make-up

Most make-up and hair artists would expect a small tip, ranging between 5 and 20% of the charge. However, this is, again, not mandatory – the rules are pretty much the same as for any other regular salon visit.

  1. DJs or Band

Always tip your DJs or your wedding band – it’s not a rule set in stone, but is most certainly a nice gesture, especially if they carry a lot of heavy equipment around a number of locations!

Thank you for reading and good luck with your wedding planning!

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